Christmas gifts on a budget

By Drum Digital
04 December 2013

Giving and receiving is not the same, especially with tight belts.

Explain to your family feeling financially overwhelmed and hope they understand. Otherwise here are a few tips on getting them gifts.

Think about what the kids actually need. If they already have 25 games, they don't need another one.  Be wise and don’t be dragged into their emotional choices.

Buy 'family' gifts instead of separate ones. For example get a large family portrait or a game which the whole family can enjoy pool table/garden swing.

Make gift-giving fun. Even if the gifts are small, if the experience of getting a gift is fun then that’s the entire gift needed.  Try treasure hunts around the house and garden: the will kids love it.

Shop at charity shops – they have cheap, authentic and good looking things.  Some have nice stone jewellery and key rings.

Do a secret Santa for friends with a price limit.

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