Church has a role in society: Zuma

By Drum Digital
19 April 2012

The church has a role to play to help the country succeed, President Jacob Zuma said in Durban on Thursday.

"The church has to participate in society, with government, to ensure programmes are put across to succeed, to make sure we are soldiers of God and to help the country become better," he said.

He said apartheid had helped create a culture of violence. During the struggle, the ANC linked up with churches to debate how to bring about change.

"The country needs more prayer and blessings to succeed. One of the aspects we pride ourselves on is the fact that this organisation was founded in a church in Mangaung. Among those present were men of God. We always say we were blessed at birth in the history of the ANC."

Zuma said during the liberation struggle the party always knew it was with God, and no one could stop it from achieving its goals.

"Only when each South African can put food on the table can we say we have achieved freedom."

Zuma was speaking at a prayer service in honour of Bishop Dennis Hurley at St Paul's Anglican Church. Hurley died in February 2008 when he was 88 years old.

During his 45 years in office Hurley "spoke truth to power", both in the church and society.

Zuma laid a wreath for Hurley at the Emmanuel Cathedral Church as part of the ANC's centenary celebrations. Hundreds of Zuma supporters cheered outside the cathedral gate.

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