Cocktails with a kick (2/6)

By Drum Digital
17 June 2015

Dumi was an opportunist, not a feminist.

But people who knew her well would say: “Dark-skinned, dreadlocked and dangerous”.

Dumi turned her almond eyes to the wall clock and pursed her full, soft lips. It was 5 pm, and almost time for business. Her latest project was Papa D’s nightspot. Dumi called it Papa D’s because a malerun place was regarded as up one level from any old mama’s shebeen.

That was just one of life’s little injustices, the kind of thing that feminists were put on this Earth to fight. But Dumi was no feminist, just an opportunist looking for ways to turn injustice into a source of income. She got out of bed, took a quick shower and picked out a red dress for the night. Her horoscope had predicted that red would be the power colour for any Taurus to wear on Friday. She made sure the dress was not only red but also long, tight and low-cut.

It’s lucky for me that Papa D’s is only 12 streets away, Dumi thought as she drove her BMW from her Pleasant Street house to Papa D’s tavern on Diep Street. Papa D'sclientele was a mixed bag.

To be continued...

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