Cocktails with a kick (3/6)

By Drum Digital
17 June 2015

Dumi was an opportunist, not a feminist.

Rich businessmen who had grown bored with their own areas; and of course, the residents of Monareng, die-hard loyalists who were not deterred by Dumi’s increasing booze prices. After Dumi, MmaTshepho bustled in looking as soft as butter, with a kind motherly voice. But she was as cold, hard and sly as a slab of ice – a notorious madam in Monareng.

Dumi didn’t quite have the stomach for MmaTshepho’s particular brand of business. Even so, her beautiful girls kept the rich businessmen spending ridiculous sums of money on expensive alcohol. The two women had forged a deal, Dumi would turn a blind eye to MmaTshepho and her girls, and in exchange she got a chunk of MmaTshepho’s nightly takings.

Dumi knew she was winning both ways. Another ally in Dumi’s quest to get really rich was her friend, Sphectakular, who worked in a mortuary. He was willing to steal isopropyl alcohol, and sell it to her by the litre. This powerful alcohol was a clear fluid used in mortuaries to disinfect the slabs where departed people get their final preparation for the Great Beyond.

Sphectakular had asked her why she needed such large quantities of the deadly fluid, and Dumi had coolly replied that she watered it down to disinfect floors.

To be continued...

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