Cocktails with a kick (4/6)

By Drum Digital
19 June 2015

Dumi was an opportunist, not a feminist.

But she actually used the isopropyl alcohol to top up the bottles of spirits in her stockroom, and spike the drinks that she served to her customers. At firstshe had felt guilty about using the alcohol as a filler, but her customers seemed to be unable to tell the difference. And they seemed to enjoy the firewater she served. From time to time, her customers would shout out, “Bolella Papa D gore kea sha, kea tuka! (tell Papa D that I’m burning)” or “Mo ke firewater ya nnete! (this is real firewater)”.

As tends to be the case with children who grew up poor, Dumi had grown into a woman who faithfully worshipped one god – money. And this god convinced her that what the customers didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. The night swung dizzily on its axis around swollen payday wallets. Music blared. Women flirted. Men paid heavily. And Dumi floated up and down Papa D’s in her scarlet dress, flashing her smile. It looked as though she was payingspecial attention to some of her more important customers. But in reality, this was her way of scanning her bar for the least sign of possible trouble.

To be continued...

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