Common cold or allergies?

By Drum Digital
27 May 2014

A mom’s work never stops and that’s we cannot ever really afford to get sick, hey SuperMoms? But when are the sniffles the result of a common cold and when are allergies to blame? And how do you treat each one?

Winter is here. The sun rises a little later, it gets harder to get out of bed in the morning and the beautiful autumn colours are starting to make way for cold, grey hues. And then it happens – you start sneezing and sniffling and you are constantly looking for a tissue.

How do you whether your runny nose is thanks to a cold or allergies? Because the initial symptoms of each are very similar, it can be difficult to distinguish. But wait a day or two and you’ll find out.

Common cold

  • The symptoms of the common cold will probably affect you for three to seven days.
  • Unlike when you are suffering from allergies, you might cough, have a sore or itchy throat, have aches and pains all over your body, experience a headache, have a mild fever and feel tired.
  • The mucus in your nose and throat may be thicker than normal and have a yellow or green colour.


  • Symtoms carry on for much longer and can come back time and again.
  • General symptoms include sneezing, teary eyes and a stuffy nose. You normally do not have a fever.
  • It is most commonly caused by dust, mold and pet hair.


  • For a cold: Drink lots of fluids, eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and get enough rest. You can also get medication for the symptoms from your pharmacy.
  • For allergies: Ask your doctor about allergy injections. These may keep the symptoms at bay longer than standard allergy medication. Also consider washing your bedding in water of at least 54 °C to get rid of dust mites. And whatever you do, keep the tissues at hand!

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