Community Justice Movement responds to Shembe's comments over the weekend

By Drum Digital
23 November 2015

The Community Justice Movement has lashed out at Shembe church leader Mduduzi Shembe, known as uNyazi Lwezulu, over his controversial statement made over the weekend

By Ayanda Sitole

at an event held at Enyokeni Palace in Nongoma. Speaking in isiZulu, he allegedly said that the drought was a result of a vengeful act of God because people had defied him, citing gay marriage as the reason why South Africa is “facing the curse of a hot sun”.

Bandile Mdlalose, president of the Community Justice Movement says lack of education and hatred have clouded uNyazi’s judgement and compared his statements to those of King Goodwill Zwelethini on xenophobia, which she believes fueled the continued violence against foreigners in KwaZulu Natal earlier in the year.

“It is a constitutional right for one to live the life they want and not be discriminated against it,” she said, “we have so many issues in our country that needs direct attention and unity not division.”

Instead she places blame on the South African government saying it “gambled with our land for money.”

“Money has become the most important thing, [more important to them] than the lives of the poor. Shembe needs to know social issues before slamming gays,” she says, “God is not homophobic. If there is anything God should be angry about right now it is the behaviour of the leadership of Shembe fighting for positions as if they are politicians that are prepared to kill to get their seats.”

The Shembe church is split into two main factions, the Ebuhleni and Ekuphakameni. There is an ongoing court case in which they are contesting for leadership of the church.

The church has since distanced itself from uNyazi’s allegations.

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