Confessing love online most annoying on Valentine's Day

By Drum Digital
15 February 2014

Social Displays of Affection have been voted the most annoying thing about Valentine's Day, with forty percent of Britons feeling the need to post images of their romantic gifts online.

Social Displays of Affection have topped a list of the most annoying things about Valentine's Day.

Over a quarter of Britons have admitted that seeing their friends gush about how in love they are on social media sites is the most annoying part of Valentine's Day, with boastful pictures of gifts from loved ones making a third of women jealous, according to research from eBay.

Nearly forty percent of Britons feel the need to show off any romantic gifts they receive on picture sharing sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and over twenty percent of women only want fancy gifts so they can boast about them online.

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