Connie Ferguson speaks on being a grandmother

By Drum Digital
03 May 2016

Connie Ferguson says one of the highlights of her life is not her flourishing career, but becoming a grandmother.

In an interview with TRUE LOVE magazine May 2016 issue,

In the interview Connie spoke of how her older daughter, Lesedi, 23, with former husband Neo Matsunyane, gave birth to a boy, Ronewa, last year.

"I've always been close to both my daughters, Lesedi and Alicia, 13, but when Lesedi fell pregnant we grew closer. I was there when Ronewa was born, so I bonded with him from the start. He's very close to his grandfather; they have an amazing relationship. He is an amazing dad, so i knew he'd be an awesome grandfather. We've always wanted a boy and now we have one."

Connie also addressed the fact that even though Ronewa was born out of wedlock while Lesedi  was studying in her last year at AFDA, they have come to terms with it as a family.

"Life happens" Connie says, "as a parent, you have your own dreams for your child, especially when it's a daughter, as you want them to gain independence before they have children of their own. But the reality is that we can't live our children's lives for them. I had Lesedi at 23, too, so who am i too judge? Having her didn't stop my life, and that's what i want to emphasize with her to. The difference is that she has Shona, Alicia and me to offer support, whereas I raised her far away from my own parents, who live in Botswana. I wasn't financially stable; I had to go back to work just one week after she was born, when I found out she was pregnant, I reassured her that I'd be by her side always. She continued with school during her pregnancy and graduated last year. she now works at Ferguson Films."

Source: True Love Magazine May 2016

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