Controversial pastor drives over congregants

By Drum Digital
07 June 2016

The "man of God" has elevated his antics - from stepping and riding on congregants, the prophet now drives over them to prove the "power of God".

Controversial pastor, Penuel Mnguni is back again!

In a post on his ministry's Facebook page, End Time Disciples Ministries, Mnguni "commanded" two congregants to sleep then proceeded to drive over them, waking them up while on top of them to ask if they can feel anything.

"The man of God Prophet Penuel demonstrated the power of God by running over two members of the congregants: He commanded both of the members to sleep followed by moving the car over them. The man of God then commanded them to wake up while the car was on top of their bodies. He then asked them if they felt any pain and their response was 'we do not feel anything'. Prophet Penuel proceeded by reversing the car back and again he commanded them to wake up. By amazement they stood up and began to dance and praise God together with the rest of the congregants."

penuel drive 1

Penuel drive

The last time Penuel made news was last year when he made a comeback by making congregants speak Chinese following the dismantling of the tent that served as his ministry's premises.

Images: End Times Disciples Ministries 

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