Could he be Mr Right?

By Drum Digital
13 January 2015

How do you know he’s on the same page as you?

You’ve been dating for a while and you think you may be catching feelings.

Here are some signs you might be seeing your future life partner:

He breaks the rules

There are a ton of unspoken rules about relationships and dating.  If he isn’t too proud to break them, he’s definitely keen on seeing where things go between the two of you.

The connection during sex is more than just physical

When you can fee an emotional connection with him during your moments of intimacy, you know there’s more to your relationship.

He pays close attention

He wants to know what makes you tick and is eager to learn all the things he can do to continue to make you happy.

He talks about you with his loved ones

Whether it’s his friends or family, it’s a good sign if you’re a regular topic of discussion. Hey may be looking to suss you out, but there are also chances he’s come to value you enough to bring you up from time to time.

He talks about the future

This is really important. A man always knows his intentions and while actions speak louder than words, a man who makes his plans with you for the future open, is a man you can probably count on to commit.


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