Could red wine and peanuts prevent memory loss?

By Drum Digital
07 February 2015

New research has revealed that a glass of red wine or a handful of peanuts could help prevent memory loss because they both contain a crucial antioxidant.

Experts believe a compound found in common foods such as red grapes could even prove vital in the battle against Alzheimer's disease.

According to new research published by the Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Texas, USA a compound found in common foods such as red grapes and peanuts may help prevent age-related decline in memory.

Researcher Ashok K. Shetty, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine and Director of Neurosciences has been studying the potential benefit of resveratrol, an antioxidant that is found in the skin of red grapes, as well as in red wine, peanuts and some berries.

In a study published online on 28 January in Scientific Reports, Professor Shetty and his research team reported that treatment with resveratrol had apparent benefits in terms of learning, memory and mood function in aged rats.

"The results of the study were striking," Professor Shetty said. "They indicated that for the control rats who did not receive resveratrol, spatial learning ability was largely maintained but ability to make new spatial memories significantly declined between 22 and 25 months. By contrast, both spatial learning and memory improved in the resveratrol-treated rats."


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