Couple arrested for rape

By Drum Digital
23 November 2013

A couple was arrested in Thabong in connection with the rape of their 27-year-old neighbour, Free State police said on Friday.

Police spokesperson Malebo Khosana said they were taken into custody on Thursday.

"According to the complainant, she was at her residence when she was called by her female neighbour to her [house]," said Khosana.

"She alleged that on her arrival at her neighbour's address she found the neighbour's husband sitting in the house. She further alleged that her female neighbour asked her if she [wanted] to feel how good her husband can be in sex."

The woman claimed that her female neighbour then locked the door and told her to undress and have intercourse with her husband.

"It is alleged that the female neighbour pushed and dragged the victim into the bedroom where she undressed [her] and held her hands while her husband raped the victim," said Khosana.

The woman was then allowed to go home and told not to tell anyone about the incident.

She was allegedly raped by the same man a few days later.

It was alleged that the man called her over the fence and sent her to buy beer for him.

"The victim went to buy beer and returned to the neighbour's house. When she was inside the house the neighbour locked the door, undressed and raped her," said Khosana.

The woman was again told to keep quiet about the rape and allowed to go home.

She opened a case against the couple on Thursday.

The two were charged with two counts of rape.

They would appear in the Welkom Magistrate's Court on Monday.


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