Couple hold £150 wedding reception in McDonald's

By Drum Digital
30 July 2013

A British couple paid £150 to hold their wedding reception at a McDonald's restaurant following their marriage.

A British couple paid £150 (R2259.60) to hold their wedding reception at McDonald's.

Fastfood fans Steven and Emily Asher splashed out on burgers and milkshakes for their 33 guests in a roped off section at the Cribbs Causeway McDonald's in Bristol, south west England, to celebrate their marriage.

The happy couple arrived at the branch in a stretch limo and were treated to a bottle of champagne by the restaurant's manager, but they were unable to drink it on the premises due to the company's booze ban.

The pair - who got engaged after going on several burger-based dates - and the guests were still in their wedding attire, which attracted quite a few stares from passersby.

Steven said: "When I saw Emily in her dress for the first time I couldn't believe my eyes, she looked absolutely beautiful.

"We were both shaking throughout the ceremony, we were so nervous.

"But it was a great day and everyone seemed to find our reception at McDonalds really interesting.

"Everyone enjoyed themselves - everyone loves McDonalds, don't they?"

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