Couple leave Down syndrome baby with surrogate mom

By Drum Digital
08 August 2014

It’s a story that damages one’s faith in humankind. A couple who had twins with the help of a surrogate mother reportedly took their healthy daughter home and left their disabled son behind.

It sounds like a nasty story from a drama series but it’s the situation being played out in Thailand and Australia after allegations were made that six-month-old Gammy’s parents abandoned him.

The Independent reports that a couple from Perth, Australia, asked a Thai woman, Pattharamon Janbua (21), to act as a surrogate mother for them. Pattharamon alleges that after the twins’ birth the couple took only the healthy daughter home and left her with the disabled son.

Gammy was born with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect, and also suffered from a lung infection. Pattharamon has told Thai media that despite this she’s decided to keep Gammy and not put him up for adoption.

The BBC reports the parents asked her to have the baby aborted when they found out it suffered from Down syndrome but she refused because of her Buddhist beliefs.

The parents have told Channel 9 in Australia the allegations are false but the surrogate mother says the father was at the hospital and paid attention only to his daughter and ignored his son.

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-Mieke Vlok

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