Create a routine for the new school year

27 January 2015

Create a routine for the new school year to beat stress and disorganization.

By Shane Barnard

The school year is in full swing, but have you and your child adjusted to it yet? Our expert gives advice on how to create a routine and manage your time so schooldays can be stress-free.

Your children spend four to six hours a day at school and you can help them make the best use of this time. Caréne Fourie, a Grade 4 teacher at Gene Louw Primary School in Durbanville, Cape Town, gives advice.

  • It’s important that parents and teachers work as a team to educate children. “If a child is unhappy about something at school take it up with the teacher rather than taking the child’s side and speaking critically about the teacher. The child will notice you respect the educator and will more readily have respect for them.”
  • Make sure your kids have a good breakfast – they can’t wait until breaktime for the first meal of the day. At primary schools maths is usually the first subject and they can’t concentrate on an empty stomach.
  • Prepare food for breaktime every day. Try to avoid junk food, sweets and fizzy drinks or keep them for Fridays. Tuck shop money is usually spent on junk food so provide it no more than once a week.
  • Always make sure your children are on time for school. It embarrasses them in front of their schoolmates and teachers when they arrive late.
  • A Grade 4 learner will write exams for the first time this year. It’s important to show them how to study and so enable them to study more independently in Grades 5 and 6.
  • Learners must do their own work for tasks. Parents should only monitor them to make sure the work is done. Use the assessment sheets handed out with the task to understand what’s expected of your child. Remember, teachers have a class full of children. Some kids need individual attention, which isn’t always possible. Identify weak areas in subjects (especially maths) and help with homework or extra exercises. Teachers are always ready to give extra exercises or point out which subjects need extra attention.

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