Crime statistics 2013/2014

By Drum Digital
19 September 2014

Murder increased by 800 in the past year.

Here are the national crime statistics were release earlier today. "The statistics are based on raw figures, cases reported and cases dealt with and subsequently led to arrest and convictions," said Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko.

1) There was a decrease in various crimes including commercial crime, stock theft, sexual offences, shoplifting, theft of motor vehicles and motor cycles, and arson.

2) Murder has increased by five percent in the past year, attempted murder went up by 4.6 percent and aggravated robbery was up by 12.7 percent.

3) Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 1.5 percent while common assault was down by 3.3 percent and sexual offences decreased by 5.6 percent.

4) Rape showed a 6.3 percent decrease and sexual assault showed a 4.9 percent decrease.

5) Th number of murders increased by 800 in the past year.

6) Bank robberies decreased by 77.4 percent over a five-year period, but increased from seven incidents in 2012/13 to 21 in 2013/14. That is a 200 percent increase.

7) Common robbery went up by 0.6 percent. Drug-related crimes increased by 26.1.

8)  Contact-related crimes decreased by an overall 1.3 percent  while  Arson dropped by 4.2 percent and malicious damage to property went down by 1.1 percent. There was an overall decrease in property-related crime of 0.2 percent.

9) Residential housebreaking dropped by 0.6 percent, motor vehicle theft decreased by 0.6 percent, theft out of a motor vehicle increased by three percent and stock theft decreased by 6.2 percent.

10) Commercial crimes dropped by 13.6 percent and shop lifting decreased by 1.1 percent while driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs decreased by 1.8 percent in the past year; and by 133.1 percent over the past 10 years.

11) Trio crimes (carjacking saw a 12.3 percent increase, truck hijacking a 12.1 percent increase, robbery a 13.7 percent increase, and robbery in residential areas a 7.4 percent increase) have increased by 10.8 percent.

Source: Sapa

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