Crossword fun at your fingertips!

By Drum Digital
27 June 2014

We know how much fun it is to complete a crossword with pen on paper, but with DRUM’s new crossword app you can now also indulge in your favorite pastime while standing in a slow-moving queue – on your smartphone!

Complete crosswords on your phone and compete against other puzzle fanatics.

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What you need to know

  • The app is free to download.
  • It’s available from the iTunes App store  (include link) or Google Play (include link) store.
  • It’s suitable for Android and iOS phones (currently not for tablets or Blackberries).

Where do I find the app?

Go to the Apple App store if you have an iPhone, or the Google Play store if you have an android phone. Search for “DRUMcrosswords” (look for the DRUM crosswords icon). Tap the download button.


What does it the cost?

The app is free to download and includes a free weekly puzzle. You can also download additional puzzle bundles for about R10 each (depending on exchange rate). There are 15 puzzles in each bundle.

DRUM_Android_5What’s in a bundle?

There are easy, medium and difficult crossword bundles. Pick the one that suits your expertise level. The 15 puzzles in the bundle vary in size. They start small and get progressively larger. You don’t have to do the crosswords in any specific order – if you only have a few minutes, choose a short puzzle. It’s also possible to save a crossword and come back to continue it later. Once completed, you can submit your score and hopefully improve your position on the leaderboard (more about this later).


How much time do I have to complete the bundles?

Once you buy bundle, it is yours to keep. It will stay in your app and you can even replay the puzzle, but you can’t submit the score more than once. The free weekly puzzle is available for one week then it's replaced by a new puzzle.


How do the “cheats” work?

One of our favourite features is that both beginners and experienced cruciverbalists can use the app. When you fill in the crossword, you can use the cheat buttons atthe bottom of your screen for help whenyou get stuck. Ask the app toreveal a letter or word to you or toreveal the whole puzzle if you’recompletely stuck. But be warned: Themore you cheat, the lower your scorewill be! And a good score will give you agood position on the leaderboard.


What puzzles can I play?

We've included the two most popular formats in the app: blockbusters and quick crosswords. We have compiled the crosswords ourselves, choosing sizes that are suitable for a cellphone screen.


How does scoring work?

Now let's talk about the leaderboard. There are two leaderboards: one that shows your

friends who use the app and another global leaderboard for all users of the app. When you finish a crossword, click on “done” to allow the app to calculate your score. The scores are calculated with an algorithm that takes the time it took to complete the crossword and the number of cheats used into account. Your marks are cumulative – the more you play, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be.

You can share your score and position on the leaderboard on social media sites such as Facebook and half the fun of being a crossword expert is bragging about your scores!


Can I win prizes by completing the crosswords?

From time to time we might give away special crossword prizes in the app, but in general you can’t win anything by completing the crosswords in the bundles. It is purely for your own enjoyment. A competition puzzle will be clearly marked as such and the cheat buttons won’t be available.

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