Cry of a childless woman 2/3

By Drum Digital
31 January 2014

Cry of a childless woman 2/3

“Friend, what’s happening? Your house is so beautiful it needs kids. Kanti – what are you waiting for? Come on, woman, you should start working at it now,” her colleague Wandi told her one day at the office.

Thuli didn’t know how to answer that. She just smiled and said, “It’s not time yet.”

Wandi gasped with shock. “What do you mean it’s not time? Time is marching on, and you, my friend, are growing old. If you keep putting off having a baby you won’t have time to play with your kids. Or worse – Thabo will find another woman.

I know these men. It’s all about proving their manhood,” said Wandi.

Her words tore at Thuli’s heart and created another wound. It reopened old wounds as well. How many times had she heard this? This was the umpteenth person to tell her that if she couldn’t give Thabo kids then he would find another woman to bear them.

All fingers pointed to her being the one at fault.

After all, she was the woman and that’s how society viewed it: no children meant it was her fault. She had closed her mind to that thought. Not her Thabo.

She knew he loved her and would never ever do that.

BUT despite her intention not to let the fear of Thabo leaving her consume her, she found herself thinking about it more often.

Now that she thought about it more, she started seeing things she had not noticed before. Come to think of it, Thabo’s movements of late were suspicious.

He was coming home later.

He always had an excuse of some sort about why he was late. At first she put it down to the changes at his workplace.

The company had been restructured. Staff now had to be multi-skilled and do twice as much work. He was always tired.

Sometimes he wouldn’t eat at all and would promptly go to sleep after giving her a peck on the cheek and telling her he loved her. Her gut told her it was guilt making him say that. After all, why would he want to stay in a lonely house?  As time went on, her suspicion grew and  left a cold feeling in her heart.

It went on for a couple of months before she said anything. One day she’d simply had enough and decided to confront him.

“Thabo, are you cheating on me?” she blurted out.

“Eish! Come on, baby. Is that a joke or what?” Thabo laughed.

The way he responded made her think twice about her suspicions. It caught her off-guard and she

decided she must be wrong. So she didn’t push it any further.

It went on for a few more weeks until one day she decided to follow Thabo from work.

It came as no surprise that he took the road straight to their weekend home, situated a few kilometres out of town. She discreetly followed in her mom’s new car. Thuli watched as he stepped out of the car to greet a slender young woman.

So this was what was really going on!

She couldn’t believe it, but the evidence was right there. She didn’t need to be told that her worst nightmare had come to life.

Thabo, her beloved husband, was cheating on her!

Although he and the woman didn’t do so much as shake hands, she knew in her heart that there was a lot more going on.


Illustration: MINDI FLEMMING

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