CT man beats up domestic worker he thought was a prostitute

By Drum Digital
18 October 2014

A Cape Town man says he does not understand why he is being victimised after he appeared in court for beating up a woman he mistook for a prostitute.

According to a report by the Weekend Argus, Cynthia Joni, 44, of Khayelitsha, said she was on her way to work in Kenilworth on October 2 when an unknown man leapt from his car and slapped her repeatedly, then threw her to the ground, without any explanation. “He got out of the car and came straight up to me and just klapped me. Then he kicked me hard and I fell down. “He hit me hard on my arms and legs. I fell hard on to the ground. My joints are all still sore – two weeks later," she told the paper. Her attacker has been identified as Tim Osrin, who lives near the area where the incident took place. Osrin says he thought Joni was one of the many prostitutes who operate around the area. According to the report he accused Joni of exaggerating he injuries.

“I just slapped her once … and she did fall to the ground. She fell awkwardly and if she sustained any wound it would have been from falling. I picked her up afterwards as she had started wailing…” said Osrin.

His neighbourhood was “full of prostitutes”, he told the paper.

He went on to say:

“I hate people thinking that I am a monster because of this … I am not sure why Cynthia has trumped up all sorts of injuries either. I can only think she is going for some sort of payment, where she can leverage some cash…

“She’s probably thinking, ‘this white guy slapped me, great … here comes my Christmas box’. People do these things, you know.”

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