Curl and wave your braids

By Drum Digital
06 April 2015

A different braided style is needed, curling your braids is easier than you think.

Set a pot of water to boil. Be sure to time the boiling water to avoid overheating. Find a container that can hold up under very hot water. Pour the hot water into the safe container , preferably one that is tall in height. A smaller container will make getting splashed with hot water easier and this is something that should be avoided for your safety.

Take a small number of braids and add a roller to each of the ends of the hair. Using a small amount of braids will give the hair a more pronounced curl and a healthy bounce to it. Use rollers that will not harshly react to the hot water, such as flexi-rod style rollers or the hard plastic rollers. Rolling the hair can take between 15-30 minutes or longer depending on the amount of braids on the head.

With caution, dip each rolled braid into the container of boiled water and pull it out after it has been immersed in the water for one minute. Have a towel handy to avoid causing yourself to be scalded. Keep a larger towel on the floor to catch the added dripping water. Because the water can cool down fast, it may be handy to repeat the boiling process.

Wrap the braids in a large towel to absorb all of the excess water.

Wait until the braids are dry to take out the rollers.


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