Cushion gives kissing lessons

By Drum Digital
15 February 2014

A woman has designed a cushion with a pair of plastic lips which are intended to help their owners learn how to kiss or perfect their technique.

A pillow helps you learn how to kiss.

The "Make-Out Practice Pillow" is the new solution for anyone who's looking to perfect their kissing technique and features the plastic lips of a CPR dummy sewed on to a square cushion.

The quirky pillows were designed by Emily King who hopes they will be beneficial to inexperienced kissers as well as those who are simply lonely.

She said of her unusual idea: "I have to admit that when I mentioned this idea to my friends, the reaction from anyone over the age of 25 tended to be variations on 'That's really creepy.'

"I thought it was pretty hilarious myself until I actually made the things. They are super creepy. But I sort of love them for that."

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