Da Brat doesn't have money to pay victim

By Drum Digital
05 March 2014

Rapper Da Brat, who was ordered to pay $6.4-million to an assault victim, says she doesn't know where she will get the money from.

In an interview with TMZ Da Brat said: "Like I said in court, I definitely shouldn't have done what I did and the girl deserved some compensation, but $6.4M? Hell no. I don't know where anybody gonna get that from," she calmly stated. "You can't squeeze water from a turnip."

Da Brat served 21 months for the assault to which she plead guilty for.  She added: "When I start getting it, they'll get some."

(Source: TMZ, hiphopwired.com)

(Picture: theboombox.com)

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