DA Gets backing from the EFF, ANC Fails

By Drum Digital
17 August 2016

Malema has made it clear that he will not form a coalition with the ANC, but says he will back the DA when they contest in hung municipalities.

Ayanda Sitole

“WE are an opposition, we will back other oppositions, we will not back the ANC otherwise we will be sell-outs,” he said.

Malema spoke at a press briefing that took place in Alexandra in Johannesburg, saying the EFF will only support the DA and IFP

He also said he is giving a “strong warning” to any members of the EFF who considered coalition or moving to other parties for the sake of getting a position.

“If you want to go, the door is wide open,” he said. “We are not obsessed with positions; we are only interested in ideology and police.”

He threatened to cancel memberships of any EFF supporter who might consider turning on the political party.

These are some of the conditions that he said he is willing to form coalition with the DA and ANC, but they failed to agree:

  1. The expropriation of land
  2. Nationalising of mines and banks
  3. Free education
  4. Removing Die Stem from the South African national Anthem
  5. Any apartheid symbol in public must be removed, be it a statue or street name.
  6. The ANC must cancel the nuclear deal with Russia,
  7. Zuma must be removed as President

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