DA Mogale City mayor resigns, party retains power

By Drum Digital
09 December 2016

Mogale City has replaced its recently installed Democratic Alliance mayor Lynn Pannall due to ill health, with the new vote keeping the DA-led coalition in power by a whisker

Johannesburg - .

Councillor Michael Holenstein, who has a background in catering and hospitality, was elected at a special council meeting on Wednesday after Pannall's resignation was announced by acting municipal manager Abe Mbulawa.

Pannall took office on 18 August after the landmark local government elections saw shifts in traditional political strongholds.

The council includes the town of Krugersdorp and the flower belt of Tarlton.

Two candidates stood for election: ANC Speaker Patrick Naga Lipudi, and the DA's Holenstein.

Naga Lipudi received 38 votes against Holenstein's 39.

Holenstein retained the mayoral committee established by Pannall.

Source: News24

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