Daily care for dry hair (2/2)

By Drum Digital
06 May 2015

Daily Hair Care Tips and Tricks for Dry Hair.

Daily Hair Care Tips and Tricks for Dry Hair

Avoid chemical hair dyes, permanent colourings, electric curling irons, hair straighteners, hot rollers, perms, and blow dryers that are too hot. Whenever possible, allow your hair to dry naturally.

Chlorinated water can be extremely harmful for your hair and cause it to become very dry hair. Never swim without a cap.

Be gentle with your hair and always brush it carefully and delicately. Dry hair is fragile and prone to breakage, and rough combing can cause it fall out or break.

Natural bristle brushes are the best choice for dry and damaged hair.

Don’t overexpose your hair to sun, as it will dry it out. Wear a hat whenever you can or apply protective creams, lotions, and balms before exposure to the sun.

When choosing hair products, make sure they contain moisturizing ingredients, natural oils, and fruit extracts that are suitable for dry hair.

Source: youqueen.com

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