Dangers of Chinese sex sweets

By Drum Digital
02 March 2011

IT ALL started when her new boyfriend complained that she was performing poorly in bed. That’s when she knew she needed a quick fix to her bedroom blues before the man of her dreams became a thing of the past. She turned to her friends for help and without a second thought they packed her off to Durban’s early-morning market near Berea station to buy some aphrodisiacs to improve her sexual desire. She hasn’t looked back since.

The 27-year-old Thoko Mazibuko has now joined a rapidly growing number of women who go in search of easy solutions to their troubled sex lives. The result has been a rapid increase in the sale and availability of cheap products, mostly from China, claiming to be aphrodisiacs (sex stimulants).

Today traders at markets and taxi ranks in Durban and Joburg are doing a roaring trade in a wide range of “Chinese sweets” aimed at women who believe they have low sex drive. The most popular of these sweets is called Haw Flakes, dark pink discs said to be made from the fruit of the Chinese hawthorn bush. Thoko’s friends told her the flakes are so effective they’re called the “Big Bomb”.

But Thoko didn’t stop there. Traders also suggested she add Kuber chewing tobacco to her sexy shopping list. At a mere R5 a pack it was a small price to pay for a new sex life for a woman who works as a cleaner at Gateway Mall in Umhlanga. Now Thoko chews her special black tobacco and then eats a Haw Flake before visiting her boyfriend.

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