Day Of The Serpent 2

By Drum Digital
29 April 2014

What is he to do now?

She gasped, and I went on trying to sound manly. “In case I miss, it might glide in your direction, so keep your distance.”

She glared at me, fixing me with an are¬you-out-of-your-mind kind of stare. Lesego had no idea that I didn’t have the vaguest intention of doing what I said I was about to do.

She squinted as a harsh reflection of the sun from the window splashed across her face – her exquisitely beautiful face.

“How long has it been here?” I asked, as though her answer would assist in the decision on the best technique to get rid of the snake.

“I don’t know. I heard a group of birds chirping loudly on the porch. When I looked there was a snake,” she said, breathing heavily.

“Okay, look. Just calm down,” I said.

A voice inside my head was silently screaming ‘You’re scaring the hell out of me!’

But I managed to say, “Most snakes are nonvenomous and those which have venom use it to kill their prey. They don’t use it for self-defence.” I was not sure if I had read that somewhere or if I was making it up.

But that didn’t matter. What mattered was the fact that there was a snake on the porch. And Lesego wanted someone to get rid of it.

And, poor me, I was the one doomed to the task. And possibly doomed to be forever damned in the eyes of Lesego – as a blithering incompetent.

For there I was, standing in the hot sun, trying all the tricks to keep on talking, hoping that the reptile would slither off under its own steam.

I looked up the street, hoping to see someone coming along, preferably another man. But the street was empty, save for a couple of stray dogs sniffing around in the distance.

The snake squirmed slightly. My body shuddered. Lesego took a few steps back. The baby giggled.

The snake might have felt our presence. I maintained my weak stand. It felt as if my shoes were filled with jelly and the jelly was creeping up my calves to my knees.

“You see,” I said, struggling to sound bold, “I don’t want to kill this snake. I want to chase it away. The problem is that the ground out here is very hot and the snake is not going to go out in the heat. That is why it came here, under your porch. I’m sure it didn’t mean any harm.”

“So what are you going to do now?” she asked.

-by Legodile Seganabeng

To be continued....

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