DCC goes up in flames

By Drum Digital
08 June 2016

The Durban Christian Centre (DCC) also known as the Jesus Dome situated off N3 in Durban went up in flames.

By Zama Chutchela 

The horrific incident happened on Tuesday afternoon.

When DRUM arrived at the scene members of this church had gathered outside watching the building being enveloped by a huge blaze of fire. The firefighters, police and paramedics were on the scene trying to cease the fire.

Image: Supplied Former TV producer of DCC, Andreas Mattios was devastated by the incident.

A church member, Justine Kabeya, was about to go inside when she saw a blaze coming out from on top of the roof.

“I had just arrived and was about to go inside when I saw a blaze coming on top of the roof. Within ten minutes the fire had engulfed the entire building. I had come for a prayer meeting as we are on a seven-day fast. This is our third day and this happens. But the devil is a liar we will continue to pray,” said Kabeya.

Andreas Mattios, the branch manager from SA CAN and the former TV producer for the Jesus Dome  said: “We received a call from our members informing us that Jesus Dome was on fire. To me, this is personal because I used to work here and when I got here I was devastated. It is alleged that there was a structural fire, a possible electrical fire in the centre of the church which spread like wild fire.  Now, Jesus Dome is made of aluminium so within 45 minutes the roof was well alight because of the installation that layers inside there. Jesus Dome is the second biggest aluminium structure in the southern hemisphere. The MTN Dome being the largest aluminium structure.”

Another source who spoke on condition of anonymity told DRUM that there was new equipment inside including camera’s, TV’s and other technical stuff. “We had just bought new equipment which costs millions of rands. We just grabbed anything that could be grabbed from inside, otherwise everything has been burnt.”

The leader of DCC, Pastor John Torrens who was heavily guarded by his private bodyguards refused to comment or to be photographed.

Torrens then instructed his church members to walk or drive away: “That’s a crime scene right now and so we are asking you to walk away or drive away so that the police can do what they have to do. We have done what we can let’s continue to pray and ask God to come through us,” said Torrens.

The Rescue Care Paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said: “Rescue Care Paramedics and Durban Fire Department were called to the Durban Christian Centre just after 5.30 pm on Tuesday evening for a fire. On arrival paramedics and fire fighters found the entire Jesus Dome to be well alight. Rescue Care Paramedics stood by whilst multiple fireman worked together to extinguish the blaze. The blaze was finally put out around 8pm. No injuries were reported from the fire however one policeman was injured when he was knocked over whilst diverting traffic away from the scene. He was stabilized on the scene by Rescue Care Paramedics before being transported to a nearby hospital for the further care that he required. At this stage it is unclear how the fire started however SAPS and Durban fire officials were on scene and will be investigating further.”

Video clip of Durban Christian Centre (DCC) - Supplied

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