Dead baby 'just left in park' for weeks

By Drum Digital
11 September 2015

Three weeks after residents tipped off police about the body of a baby found in a plastic bag, officials have still not responded.

On Friday morning, the red shopping bag containing the body still lay where members of the Woodpecker Bowling Club first discovered it while walking the Bez Valley Park perimeter weeks ago.

Now distraught residents say they get no response from the local police station.

"It looks like it was a full-term baby," said Cheryl Pearson, who lives close to the park.

"It is not right to just leave a baby out there. It's not right," she emphasised.

"The baby should be buried properly, it's the least that can be done."

'It is so, so sad'

She went to the spot where the bag was found three weeks ago after hearing about the discovery.

"You could see the perfectly formed fingers, and a tiny skull barely big enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It is so, so sad."

While there was no clarity on how the child had died, Pearson said there was a bottle of castor oil next to the bag.

The concerned resident said she had called the Jeppe police station several times to inform them about the baby, but nothing had been done.

"The police never came out. They kept saying that they will come out but they never do," she added.

News24 contacted the Woodpecker Bowling Club and spoke to a man who refused to give his name.

"Yes, we saw the baby there several weeks ago and we called the police. We thought it had been removed," he said.

Pearson however, claimed to have gone to the park earlier on Friday morning and she again spotted the plastic bag with the baby inside.

The Jeppe police station could not immediately give answers.

Source: News24

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