Dear Comrade Andile

By Drum Digital
17 February 2015

"I have in my possession all the text messages wherein you were pressuring me to steal internal organisational records so that you can use them to undermine the integrity of the EFF."


I reluctantly find myself having to write this letter to you in the early hours of the morning.  I was reluctant to write this because I have always held you in high esteem and I have always been loyal to you and September National Imbizo (SNI).  Right now I cannot sleep, I actually cannot breath since our fateful meeting in Melville on 15 January 2015.  My Comrade, you have destroyed me in a short space of time and in my estimation, this is just the beginning. I am bracing myself for the ton of bricks to fall my way because I know there must already be a hit back plan. Anyway, there are times when a man has to do what has to be done irrespective of consequences. My biggest bone of contention is the fact that I do not deserve this because I have stood side by side with you since we met via the SNI, I argued on your behalf on issues which I often knew little or nothing about, we have fired comrades, alienated and vilified comrades who dared differ with you, I internalised your arguments and was once called a human shield for you. Why then do this to me? You could have left me out of this just out of appreciation of my loyalty to you.

We joined the EFF at its formation and maintained high discipline. Way prior the NPA, as SNI we would dismiss or alienate comrades who dared raise objections or simple matters such as the Sankara Oath about the EFF. We preached democratic centralism. Just before the NPA, our mandate was for you to continue on the great path you were on of bringing in ideological balance in the movement by accepting additional membership to the CCT and continuing agitating for the return of the land without compensation. You declined nomination on ‘principle’, the now famous revolutionary conscious. I am aware on the night of the day you declined nomination that an SNI caucus that I was not invited to was held.  Apparently the gloves were taken off at that meeting and now we see this with the open letters and all the efforts to destroy the movement. Fair enough, if a political decision to do so is taken, it must be lobbied and debated, however you did not do so and early January I travelled to Cape Town to hear straight from you on what is to be done since you rejected nomination, you did not pitch up.  I now know that you had and still have much better and bigger caucuses outside the SNI. As has always been the case, myself and other comrades are but just extras in your epic biopic movie.  I ignored cries of comrades who felt this way and turned a blind eye, now I have first-hand experience and my worry is my life has been turned upside down.

You are fully aware that I am in the employ of the EFF and responsible for organisational accounts, payroll and many other necessary expenditures which the movement engages in on a day to day basis. As a trusted brother whom I thought loves the EFF, you should have guided and advised me to make sure that organisational finances are properly managed and expended, because a perception that all is not well might cause internal strife. You instead saw my employment in the EFF Finance department as an opportunity for you to steal internal organisational documents and records and leak those to the media with the sole intention of destroying its integrity in the eyes of South Africa.

I have in my possession all the text messages wherein you were pressuring me to steal internal organisational records so that you can use them to undermine the integrity of the EFF. This always caused discomfort to me and I wrote to the Secretary General of the EFF disclosing the fact that you are putting me under pressure to acquire information which will compromise the integrity of the EFF. After the officials of the EFF held a meeting with you, I thought that your attempts to destroy the EFF from within will come to an end, but you continued.

Hereunder are the facts:

The Facts

  • We met for the first time this year after a while on 15 January 2015 in Melville at your insistence. We have always met there to discuss our politics and laugh about this or that. I knew that something was underway before we met in light of the fact that you had declined nomination and the fact that I am still an employee of the movement in a key position.

  • We briefly analysed the NPA and you went straight to the point, you indicated that we need to bring these guys down, referring to the elected President Julius Malema and Deputy President Floyd Shivambu. Reason being they are not revolutionaries and they are corrupt. I gave you a thorough listen and it was for the first time we discussed taking the CIC down so I was still shocked, but you being my comrade and mentor, I needed to know where this was going. In my mind I thought you would suggest I resign and we work on taking them down from the outside or even starting our NPO on racism as had previously been discussed. Alas, you told me with a straight face to steal information to discredit them. You indicated that I must think this through but there is no time as people are talking and I may be implicated in some of the issues. We parted with a promise to meet again soon and continue this discussion.
  • The following day you called several times to insist that we must meet again later. This time with a sense of urgency. Under serious pressure I left the office in the evening and you instructed me to drive towards Sandton, which I later discovered is Kenny Kunene’s house. After getting lost a bit, we eventually met and you jumped into my car and directed me to a house in Sandton. You told me in the car that the situation has escalated and that we must move quicker in terms of supplying information that I have on ‘these guys’, you indicated that we were to meet Kenny and Gayton who will be facilitating this whole matter. Was shocked but calm. We got to the house and indeed we met Kenny and Gayton.
  • After some banter about whisky and other minor issues we went straight to the point. The summary of the matter was that I was facing imminent arrest with the CIC and others for moneys of the movement. The car that was purchased and registered under a company was bought and registered by me on behalf of the CIC and the hawks were on to all this and many other irregularities at the movement, I was given a choice whether I want to go down with the leadership or I wanted to cooperate with the Hawks and write a statement. My dilemma was mentioned as the fact that the leadership would pin everything on me as the accountant. Later we were joined by Bruce who was introduced as a lawyer who will cut a deal for me with the Hawks to avoid arrest but I had to make a sworn statement, I refused with the help of you (Andile) to make a sworn statement and opted to be subpoenaed to talk under oath if the need arises. I was promised immunity from imminent arrest if I at least spoke and gave info that can be useful to the Hawks. The question that kept coming back was about major financial irregularities, I could not answer that as I had never been party to any, I do not know the CIC personally, we do not interact outside of work related issues so I could not give credence to the accusation that there is transactions that I know to be irregular that I probably benefited, Bruce gave me a lengthy interrogation and actually proved that I would go to jail as an accountant and the fact that failure to benefit would not absolve me. Under duress and in the presence of the two dangerous ex-convicts, worse in their house and the Lawyer who had just interrogated me, and indicated that I will be arrested soon, I agreed to cooperate and it was confirmed that the Hawks will leave me alone I must just meet them for an unofficial statement.
  • The second meeting was held the following day at another Complex in Sandton with myself, You (Andile), Gayton and Bruce (The lawyer). I supplied some information on car, and particularly the statement and invoices for Gauteng Province Party Funds via a memory stick that I keep all my work. I also provided information and statements on the invoices for most of the events of the organisation around the 1st Anniversary, because I was made to believe that Hawks wanted them for the money laundering cases.
  • The last meeting we held about this was a day or two later with Bruce (the Lawyer who interrogated me), the white guy who was introduced as the ‘Hawks’ and Bruce’s legal partner in Alberton. We went through the car story and discussed issues on company credit cards and payments to such. What shocked me is that the guy, who was first introduced as the “Hawks”, was now legal partner of Bruce. I later find out that this legal partner, who initially pretended to be the ‘Hawks” is the City Press journalist, Charles Cilliers.
  • By now I was in too deep and a lot was already said to smear the organisation to gain your favourable view. I believe I may have been taped or recorded. I subsequently spoke to the leadership of the EFF and indicated I am compromised by your requests, I did not declare full information as I was assessing the veracity of the arrest, basically in a revolution I admit that I would have had to take a bullet for cracking under your pressure. However the leadership called you to ask you to refrain from such and I was so hopeful that all is behind us even though I still remain compromised.
  • My conscious is clear, very clear, I have handed you and Bruce a memory stick that Bruce was supposed to take the folder with Invoices and GP Party Accounts as per the ongoing “Hawks” investigations; the following information was contained in the memory stick and I now know that you have that stolen information in your possession now. Hereunder is what you have;

o   The car invoice and proof of payment

o   The EFF GP Party fund statement

o   The folder with EFF Provincial (GP, MP, NW, NC, EC and WC) and National Accounts Bank Statements (PArly Admin, Parly Constituency and IEC)

o   The Invoices related to the Party’s first Anniversary and a few other operational invoices

o   You also most likely have our credit card statements based on the information you are sharing.

o   The info you have is stolen property under false pretext, the receiver of stolen information is as much guilty as the thief, I have accepted my fate is in the hand of my organisation for my cowardice in allowing you and the ex-convicts to bully me into submission, I will take my punishment like a man and take the lessons thereof. You can continue using the information bit by bit to discredit me, I have made peace with that.

In conclusion

I have now seen on social networks and in media that your friend, Gayton McKenzie is using the misinformation I disclosed to the people who pretended to be the “Hawks” to undermine an insult the integrity of the EFF. With the allegations of financial irregularities carried by the City Press and now contained in the letter by your friend, Gayton Mackenzie, I realised that I was used by you and a string of conmen in a scam that seeks to destroy the integrity of the EFF.

You leave me with no option but to clarify the correct and final information and facts about the finances of the EFF. This will maybe help you to stop your efforts to discredit the organisation. About internal finances, here are the facts:

a)      There is no single staff member who has ever gone home without a salary. I know this because from the beginning I am responsible for loading the salaries of all staff members of the EFF. And if your friend insists that there is such a member, he must provide the name and details of such a staff member.

b)      I hear your friend claims that offices of the EFF have difficulty with payment of rentals, electricity, and other services utilities rates. This is not true because all the 52 regional offices, the 9 Provincial Offices, and the head office are fully functional with consistent services utilities and timeous payment of rental and electricity.  I furthermore challenge your friend to show me an office that has such difficulties due to lack of payment from the head office.

c)       I can confirm that the EFF has a credit card, which is used for organisational purposes, and the card was requested from the Bank because we were avoiding petty cash as it is always difficult to account for petty cash, whilst credit card expenses can be traced. I am unaware of any other credit card as alleged by your friend, and if there was any I would have known as a person responsible for organisational finances and accounts.

d)      I wish to confirm that I was involved in the registration of the Car (GTI) as an asset of the EFF, and I gave you incomplete information such that the Journalist who was first introduced to me as the Hawks wrote a news report for the City Press that was misleading about the purchase of the GTI. When I saw City Press report, I gave the leadership all the necessary information, which they took to the City Press and the City Press retracted their initial story on the basis of incomplete information. The purchase of the car was above board, and like in many previous expenses I was directly involved.

e)      Since my employment in the EFF Finance department, I can assure you, your friends, and all members that the EFF does not create unnecessary debts and always pays for its expenses in full prior to or immediately after the rendering of a service. This is evidenced by the following:

i.            The University of the Free State publicly confirmed that the EFF paid for all the Conference costs and expenses in full.

ii.            The buses that transported all delegates to the National People’s Assembly were fully paid.

iii.            The Conference Materials (T-shirts, berets, pens, note pads, bandanas, flags, pull-out banners, drop banners, sound and stage) were paid in full.

iv.            All activities and programmes of the EFF are always paid in full and the EFF has not embraced a tradition of creating unnecessary debts.

v.            The EFF centrally paid for all the 34 elective Regional People’s Assemblies and the 7 elective Provincial People’s Assemblies that happened before the National People’ Assembly (NPA). All these People’s Assemblies needed transport, accommodation, venue, sound, stage and conference materials, and none of them collapsed due to lack or lateness of payments.

vi.            The EFF 1st Anniversary rally which brought not less than 50 000 members and activists of the EFF to celebrate its 1 year of existence was fully paid.

f)       The EFF manages all these without direct major contributions from its members.

g)      This will be demonstrated in all the audited statements of the EFF when we report to the national and provincial parliaments and the Independent Electoral Commission, which expect accountability on all the finances at the disposal of the EFF as a political party with representatives in all the national and provincial parliaments.

Revolutionary Conscious

I submit to you my leader that you do not have a revolutionary conscious, let alone a conscious for that matter, if you did, you would not pull a Blaise on CIC or even use your junior Comrade to do such. The plan to take over the EFF is too unrealistic. You quoted Lenin on our first drive to Sandton, to paraphrase, you said that in the revolution we might have to work with rogues to gain the revolution. By any means necessary. I do not know Kenny apart from that meeting and have no opinion on him as a person, Gayton seems to be well informed and a go getter to a point of being pushy, but they are both not my associates and I definitely doubt if they can be associated with the revolution as per your teachings. I have given you a lot of information under duress. I know that I gave you information that would incriminate the organisation to avoid jail for myself, some not even true as the circumstances dictated that I give dramatic information, but I now know that this was criminal conduct. I have opened a case at a police station about the impersonation of the Hawks to extract information from me, surely that must be illegal. I should have had the courage to tell you to eff off and I did not, I regret that. Right now I have decided to pay the ultimate price by writing this letter to you, I owe no allegiance to the CIC or the EFF, I do not even think that I matter that much in the bigger scheme of things, but this is a decision that I will be able to leave with and justify to myself and my family regardless of its consequences.

Your Student and Former Leader at SNI

Rirhandzu Baloyi

EFF National Financial Accountant

076 272 2024

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