Death toll likely to reach more than 1000: report

By Drum Digital
27 December 2012

The death toll on South Africa's roads this month is likely to be above the 1000 mark, according to reports.

The Star newspaper reported on Thursday that the Road Traffic Management Corporation said the number could be around 1100 following another bloody long weekend on the roads.

The RTMC said it had noted the incidence of head-on collissions in many major crashes.

The Citizen newspaper reported that the figure of confirmed road deaths was "more than 1000" and that Transport Minister Dikobe Ben Martins had said "horrific creashes" were largely due to dangerous overtaking; drinking and driving; excessive speeding at night; poor weather conditions and poor folllowing distances.

Beeld reported that during the last festive season, between December 1 2011 and January 10 2012, there had been 1771 road deaths and the year before that 1551.


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