Death toll rises to 700 as heatwave hits Pakistan

By Drum Digital
24 June 2015

The prime-minister, Nawaz Sharif, called for emergency measures after temperatures in the country’s largest city, Karachi, reached 112.64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The BBC has reported that the death toll from an ongoing heatwave in Pakistan has surpassed 700. It is understood that the hardest hit of the provinces is Sindh with many deaths being reported in its biggest city, Karachi.

The morgues are reported to be filled to capacity, and officials are encouraging the citizens to bury their dead fast in order to free up space and avoid diseases caused by decomposing bodies. Long power cuts, little running water and the majority of people fasting for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan seem to have matters worse.

Sporadic angry protests have taken place in parts of Karachi, with some people blaming the government and Karachi's main power utility, K-Electric, for failing to avoid deaths. Hot weather is not unusual during summer months in Pakistan, but prolonged power cuts seem to have made matters worse, the BBC reported.

Pakistan’s prime-minister, Nawaz Sharif, called for emergency measures to help set up heat stroke centres after temperatures reached 112.64 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there's anger on the street about the government's slow response to the crisis.

The heatwave has been described as the worst to have hit the country.

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