Delay the balding process

By Drum Digital
05 February 2014

Don't lose your hair too soon.

Like any other race, black men experience hair loss for the same reasons. The condition is nothing new in the black community. In fact, black men are reported to actually experience balding and thinning at a very young age – before the age of 30!

Fortunately you can apply the following tricks to delay the process:

1. Make sure that when you cut your hair it is even all around—this includes your edges.

2. Find the right washing and conditioning products. Don’t be afraid to shampoo and condition your hair routinely.

3. Use the right temperature of water. Only rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Hot water easily dries your scalp out even more.

4. Stay away from harsh chemicals. Trying to enhance the volume of your hair will only add onto its destruction.

5. Lubricate your hair. Don’t be shy of applying a moisturizer to your hair as it can greatly reduce the amount of breakage while stimulating growth.


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