Delivery woman pees on customer's driveway

By Drum Digital
27 June 2014

A delivery woman allegedly urinated on a man's driveway.

A delivery woman has been accused of peeing on a customer's driveway after he studied his CCTV footage to figure out why his package had been left on his lawn..

Mike Wilson was puzzled as to why his package had been left on his lawn rather than his porch and decided to consult his home surveillance cameras to get to the bottom of the mystery.

While watching the footage Wilson spotted the delivery woman squatting behind the passenger door of her van while relieving herself on his driveway before leaving his post on the grass and driving away.

The disgruntled customer posted the CCTV evidence online alongside the caption: "She was taking her pants down while hanging on to the vehicle and pees down the edge then she drops down and pulls her pants up."

-Bang Showbiz

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