Denise on the rise

By Drum Digital
19 March 2015

Denise continues to shine.

Actress and television personality Denise Zimba is one young lady we are proud of. We were first introduced to her as a member of the all girl group Fly Chix.

The group didn't do well and split up. From there Denise moved to be a presenter on Vuzu's V Entertainment where she is loved by many. From there she went on from being an extra on Generations to becoming one of the main characters on Generations the legacy. The other members of her former band are currently working as back up dancers for various artists.

"I will show everyone that I am the 'Beyonce' of Fly Chix," Denise told DRUM in a 2013 interview soon after Fly Chix split. With her star continuing to sour, we agree Denise, You are the 'Beyonce'.

Keep rising!

Here's a look at Denise's career so far;

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