DETAILS: Uyanda Mbuli in a fight over Joburg businessman

By Misha Solanga
17 July 2017

Uyanda says she has laid charges

Media personality and business woman, Uyanda Mbuli is allegedly involved in a fight with  Min. Fikile Mbalula's ex, Joyce Molamu, a fight over businessman King Maseko.

What we know: 

Joyce Omphemetse  Molamu is minister Fikile Mbalula's ex-girlfriend.  In 2016 she had her nudes leaked and blamed her ex boyfriend Mandla Makhubedu  for stealing them from her phone.

King Maseko is a business mogul in Johannesburg.

What each party says:

Uyanda revealed to Sunday World why she filed charges and opened a case against Joyce.

“On Monday 10 July 2017, Ms Molamu sent me messages further insulting me, abusing me verbally through her text messages and violating my right to human dignity by calling me a stupid b****,” Uyanda states in a sworn affidavit.  “The above is just one of the many insults I have endured from Ms Molamu.”

Uyanda has allegedly  opened a defamation case and a crimen injuria against Molamu.

"Ms Molamu has not sent me an apology nor acknowledged the damage she has done to my name by the public humiliation of her Facebook post."

Joyce told Sunday World that she discovered that Uyanda was having an affair with King.

“King and I have an open phone policy where I can access his phone and he can access mine. So, about two months ago I found the chat between Uyanda and my man in which she was sending him pictures of herself while in Paris. I scrolled further down and saw a message in which she said, ‘babe please send me money I’m funding my show from my pocket’. She revealed to Sunday World.

She "freaked out" upon seeing the text and confronted him but he claimed nothing was going on.

"I freaked out and asked King what was going on. He said he was flirting with her and nothing happened.”

Joyce apparently confronted Uyanda and the business woman denied being involved with King but said that he owed her money and she was just collecting.

"She said King owed her money and couldn't afford to pay her because he was broke. I said that was rubbish as none of the messages she sent to him suggested that he owed her."

According to reports Molamu has since been contacted by the police and will be deposed for her statement on the matter.

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