Dettol disinfectant liquid recalled

By Drum Digital
23 July 2013

There has been a national recall of the new Dettol Disinfectant Liquid imported from the UK. The liquid was sighted by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications because it may pose a health risk.

"It fails to meet our requirements, and as such we urge the public not to use the product," said NRCS general manager Thomas Mavhidze at a NRCS press conference in Pretoria.

"In instances where the safety and health of consumers may be affected, we issue a consumer alert to say such a product is under recall and it's not advisable for you to use it.

"We issue a specific number [on any product] to indicate that it meets our requirements and is safe for use. This product has not met such requirements."

Mavhidze said the regulator could not determine the disinfectant's compliance with safety standards.

"We went on to conduct tests which indicated that this product fails," he said.

"Both on technical tests and administrative requirements, any product which is not registered by us cannot be sold. It should not be found anywhere."

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