Did Busi rob lover's house?

By Drum Digital
01 February 2016

Actress Busi Lurayi’s ex, Meshi Mziwoxolo Qwelane, has opened a case of theft against her after she allegedly emptied his house

By Siyabonga Kamnqa

From the outside it looks like a dream home, tucked away behind high walls and security gates.

It’s obvious the residents of this leafy suburb enjoy a high-end lifestyle, but the moment the domestic worker opens the front door, a very different picture emerges.

There are no state-of-the-art electronics or the fine furniture one would expect at an address like this. Instead, there are two camping chairs and a TV set in the huge lounge, sticking out like a sore thumb.

It’s hard to believe that a little less than two months ago the house was full of the best designer furniture money can buy.

But an ugly spat between actress Busisiwe Lurayi and her businessman ex-boyfriend Meshi Mziwoxolo Qwelane, which led to their messy break-up, is the reason for this scene of domestic desolation.

Meshi greets us at the door with a hoarse voice and it is clear he is still shell-shocked by what has happened in his upmarket home, which has now been put up for sale.

The Young Business Leaders (YBL) founder and publisher pours his heart out about the events that led to him living “down-and-out” in his own home.

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