Did you miss a solar eclipse?

By Drum Digital
07 November 2013

A couple of people in South Africa experienced what was another solar spectacle, a sun halo.

The sun halos are a sight to see, but unlike an eclipse, they can’t be predicted.

Conditions in the atmosphere have to be just right, with moisture or ice crystals creating a “rainbow” effect around the sun.

Sometimes the halos surround the sun completely, other times, they appear as arcs around the Sun creating what is known as sundogs. Basically, sunlight is reflecting off moisture in the atmosphere.

Ice crystals in Earth’s atmosphere can also cause rings around the moon, and moondogs(as well as sundogs) and even Venus pillars.

News reports indicate sun halos were seen just a few days ago in Africa as well, on Nov. 1, 2013.

One reader from Botswana sent us a picture of the halo they saw.

If you have pictures also send them to talk2us@drum.co.za.

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