Differentiate yourself in business

By Drum Digital
30 October 2013

What can you do that no one else is doing to separate yourself from the pack?

Dream big

Yes, Dream Big. Use your imagination. Close your eyes and visualize yourself having already achieved your desires. See what it looks like. Feel what it feels like. If you can do this, when you sit in front of that prospective, business partner or investment firm, it will make a difference.

They will sense the burning desire and you will stand out. Furthermore when you do this you start creating your own reality instead of taking what life gives you.

Get out the house

In this age of internet and social media the lost art of a handshake and eye contact during a conversation will set you apart from the majority who are now hiding behind a computer hoping someone will notice them. Your dream will not become reality unless you put legs on it. If this thought scares you then start small and work your way up. Ask a trusted friend to coffee and just share your dream with them.

Assume nothing

Put aside all your preconceived notions and assume nothing. You do not know what you do not know. You think you do, but you really don’t. Nothing is as it appears. You do not know who knows who. You think one person can introduce you to another and they can’t or won’t. You think another person doesn’t know anybody and they introduce you to a key person in your dream.

Assume nothing and treat every encounter as if it were the most important thing, the people you encounter will notice a difference in you and you will attract what you want.

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