Dineo on The Ranakas

By Khosi Biyela
19 April 2017

It’s not an easy thing to be used to, to have cameras- Dineo

The second season of reality show The Ranakas is coming. DRUM caught up with the show's executive producer and one of the star's Dineo Ranaka to chat about the show and producing it.

"I am still executive producer for the upcoming second season and my mother has been promoted to content developer. Because she understand the family. She plays a game of chess with her children. And I think soon she is going to be the executive producer of the show, " Dineo tells DRUM.

Dineo says she is busy teaching her family particularly her mom the ropes of TV so that she and her father can take over as executive producers of the show as time goes on.

"I would like to step down as the executive producer and have myself replaced because I am too close to the project, sometimes my siblings rivalry affects the functionality on the back end. We can’t lie, you have seen on the show," she explained.

Dineo says the drama that people have seen on the show is real and the family fakes nothing.

"It’s not an easy thing to be used to, to have cameras. We look at the areas of our lives that are popping. It is not acted, or scripted. It is just brilliantly executed," Dineo adds.

The Ranakas will be back on our screens soon and you can catch Dineo on Metro FM's The Front Breach 10am to 12pm daily.

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