Dineo Ranaka gets real

By Drum Digital
28 June 2012

The former Yfm drive-time host Dineo Ranaka has been called many things, crazy, confident, fearless and after a brief breakdown and drama revolving around her personal life, some even went as far as calling her a “raging crackhead.”

Now the former Yfm drive-time host has earned herself a new adjective as a reality star.

Miss Ranaka launched her reality show at an intimate media gathering at The Pyramids in Johannesburg yesterday.

“I just think that I have been so misunderstood in the media. I have had people write so many things about me. I have had people say so many things about me. Plant perception out there about who Dineo is.

Now its time for Dineo to set the record straight with her own reality show called Dineo’s Diary – A mogul in the making.

After years in the industry as a radio presenter, Dineo is trying new things as she tries to establish herself a mogul with a fashion label, an events and concepts business and as a singer.

Dineo’s Diary features a large entourage of Dineos’ business partners, Richie the designer for LUVdr, her fashion label.

In her personal life it features her family including her sisters, one of them being Rhythm Citys’ Manaka Ranaka and the boyfriend, Les, a qualified journalist that is trying to break it in the industry as a musician.

“There was a secret executive producer on Dineo’s Diary, and that person was God. We didn’t have time to plot scenarios … but when cameras started rolling it was so hectic the way God scripted my life naturally that we didn’t have the time to sit down and plan the show properly, we just went with the punches," she says.

A great personality, her natural sense of humour, family feuds and an occasionally jealous boyfriend, it seems that Dineo may have the perfect recipe for a great reality show.

You can catch Dineo’s Diary on DStv’s Vuzu channel on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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