Dineo Ranaka opens up about why Dineo's Diary is off air

By Drum Digital
31 May 2017

I don't regret it, says Dineo

Before it became fashionable for Mzansi celebrities to have reality shows, media personality Dineo Ranaka pioneered the craze with her show Dineo's Diary. The show was not only entertaining but gave us a real glimpse into Dineo's life. We saw her happy, sad, emotional and witnessed everything with her.

Speaking to DRUM recently Dineo revealed that she happy that the show is off air for now. "I wanted to discontinue the bloody show," Dineo explained. "Whether it will come back again, I don't know but I am not pitching for it," the radio host said.

Dineo explained that some of the things people saw on the show were too personal and it's stuff one should not expose to public scrutiny.

"Those are things I went through in my life and you'd think my life is one big movie! I don't regret doing it though; I just feel there were certain things I didn't need to expose," she tells DRUM.

Dineo is currently part of her family's reality show The Ranakas.

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