Dineo Ranaka tells all

By Drum Digital
09 March 2011

THIS is possibly the most candid interview she has ever done. She’s frank, sincere and tearful as she speaks about the drama of the past few weeks. And radio DJ and TV presenter Dineo Ranaka certainly has been in the middle of a tabloid storm since she attended the annual J&B Met in Cape Town in January.

It’s been one story after the next about alleged drug abuse, cat fights, an on-air breakdown followed by a supposed suspension from Yfm and a stint in rehab, and rumours of a romantic tryst with flamboyant businessman Kenny Kunene.“It broke my heart,” Dineo says tearfully. “Everyone thinks I’m out of control but the truth is I’ve been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy.”

She says the chronic condition that affects the nervous system explains every incident that’s been reported in the papers. “For years I had no idea I was sick. I thought I needed anger management or that I was just prone to outbursts, but it turns out I’ve been experiencing a form of an epileptic seizure that makes me prone to outbursts. It also affects brain functions like memory and perception,” she explains.

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