Dipalesa Mbola, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips 6/7

By Drum Digital
01 March 2014

Miss SA 2014 finalist give us her hair tips.

For many women beautiful hair and luxuriant locks are an essential part of their identity. Women all over the world take pride in their hair. Dipalesa Mbola, Miss SA 2014 finalist share her top hair tips:

Q: How do you keep your hair in good condition?

I keep my hair in good condition by deep conditioning it and making sure that I always keep it moisturised. I try not to relax it too often so that it remains healthy. I also make sure that I stick to one hairstylist who really understands my hair type because it is very fragile. I also do hair so often that I prefer doing my own hair.

Q: What is the best hair tip you have ever received?

Do not apply a lot of heat on your hair and drink a lot of water: this applies to my natural hair and my weaves. I really love curls and I would curl every week which caused me to lose my hair so I tried to find alternative ways of curling without necessarily using heat and that is when I discovered my new best friend, bendy rollers.

Q: How do you like to wear your hair?

I love to have curls. Tight curls, wavy curls, big curls, small curls, crazy curls. I love them! I have an oval shaped face with a big forehead and I find that curled hair makes me look and feel like a goddess.

Q: What are the few versatile looks you can do with your hair?

I can do anything with my hair. I have had a short Halle Berry look and I have had long red hair, a fringe and a ponytail. I recently had a bob. I have also worn thick long braids. I have grown natural hair but it was difficult to maintain. Just over two years ago I shaved my hair and I loved it. I love experimenting and trying different things.

Q: What has been your worst “bad hair day”?

I had my weave done and it was sown on too tightly. The top part was full and tight and it created a bump that made my head look even bigger. It exposed my edges on top which were also starting to fall out. I knew immediately that I didn't like the look but chose to not say anything because my stylist was excited about the work he had done. I convinced myself that the tightness would soon loosen up and if I slept the bump would become small but as I woke up the next morning, I looked  at myself and I knew that I had to call him and fix the mistake and I did. My excuse was that I no longer wanted a side part but I'd prefer a middle part.

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