Disc-spinning queen DJ Cndo

By Drum Digital
14 July 2010

A SLEEK gold Mini Cooper glides down the driveway and pulls to a halt outside the electric gate leading to the neat apartment complex.

The door opens and a baby-faced, pintsize young woman in figure-hugging jeans and designer shades gets out, her funky multicoloured hair glinting in the Durban sunshine. She looks so young and harmless it’s hard to imagine her hurting a fly, let alone intimidating guys on the male-dominated club circuit.

Yet this is exactly what DJ Cndo does. This sassy disc-spinner has a reputation for putting some of the biggest names in the business to shame when it comes to entertaining a crowd. And with hits such as Daddy, Terminator, Beng’dzakiwe and Seducer from her three top-selling albums, she’s fast establishing herself as one of the most sought-after house DJs in Mzansi.

Her skills are continually in demand and she flits around the country, playing at some of Mzansi’s top party spots. She’s just returned from a gig in Jozi when we meet her and she looks a little tired.

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