District Six Museum celebrates 20 Years

By Drum Digital
08 December 2014

Today marks the District Six Museum's 20th birthday. On the 10th of December 1994, District Six Museum, in Cape Town opened it's doors for the first time.

Known as a city within a city, District Six was considered the soul of Cape Town. Its bustling streets, diverse and colourful residents and deep sense of community are engrained in the memory of those who once lived there.

In February 1966 it was declared a whites-only area under the Group Areas Act, and by 1982, the life of this vibrant community was over.

More than 60 000 people were forcibly removed and the buildings were flattened by bulldozers.

In honour of its 20th birthday, the Museum will pay tribute to and celebrate the once vibrant community by reflecting on 20 objects, places and people that truly epitomise life in the former District Six.

Visitors are encouraged to book a personalised tour through the museum with a former resident of District Six, for a truly authentic experience.

Alternatively, visitors are able to enjoy self-guided tours during normal opening hours.

For more information call (021) 466-7200.

The museum is located at 25A Buitenkant Street and is open from 09:00- 16:00 Monday – Saturdays.

For more information visit: www.districtsix.co.za.

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