Ditch the norm and secure a bright financial future

By Drum Digital
28 March 2014

You’re wondering how best to spend your hard earned money.

You’ve just graduated, nailed that nerve-wrecking interview and landed yourself a great job. Now you’ve got your first salary in the bank and you’re wondering how best to spend your hard earned money.

The immediate thought is usually to splurge on those expensive things you couldn’t afford as a student, but while these are nice to have, they are probably not the wisest spending choice.

“Not many people can remember what they did with their first pay check” says Michelle Dubois, Legal Marketing Specialist at Liberty. “However, if they had invested rather than carelessly spent that money, they would definitely have more to show for it now.”

Dubois advises, “Take the road less travelled and blaze your own trail by switching expensive spending habits for a secure financial future.”

So ditch the first pay check temptations and replace them with payments into a financially-savvy investment vehicle.

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