DJ almost dies

By Drum Digital
14 June 2017

I feared my life was over- Rashid

Metro FM DJ Rashid Kay says he almost died in a four hijacking drama that happened this past weekend.

Rashid was hijacked in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg outside his mother's home. Rashid says the hijackers beat him up and left him close to dead. They even left him naked and dumped him in the bushes.

"I kept telling them to take whatever they wanted but not kill me. I co-operated as much as I could but even when I lifted my head a little, they would beat me until I had large bumps all over my head. At one point I struggled to open my iPhone with my iCloud address and they got so angry they seriously threatened to kill me. At that point I feared my life was over," he said about the traumatic experience.

Rashid has opened a case after the incident and the police is busy with investigations.

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